Earn Loyalty Points!

Unleash Your Squee-worthiness: The New Squee Prints Loyalty Program is Here! 

Calling all collectors of the cute, quirky, and downright creepy: Squee Prints has launched a FREE loyalty program that rewards your love for their 3D-printed wonders! Dive into a world of exclusive benefits, awesome discounts, and birthday surprises – all while indulging your passion for unique figurines and home decor.

Rewards Galore, Points aplenty:

    • Shop 'til you Squee: Every purchase earns you points, with 1 point for every dollar spent. Stock up on creepy Articulated Figures or chilling Cryptids, and watch your points rack up!
    • Be a Review Master: Share your thoughts on Judge.me and snag a whopping 10 points per review. Tell the world about your Squee Prints experience and earn rewards!
    • Visit, Follow, Like: Social media butterflies rejoice! Get 5 points for simply visiting our website, and follow us on Social Media for another 5 points each. (Claim on https://points.squeeprints.com)
       Stay connected and earn effortlessly.
    • Birthday Bonanza: It's your special day, and Squee Prints wants to celebrate! You will receive 10 bonus points on your birthday.
    • Sign Up & Squee In: New to the Squee Prints family? Welcome aboard! Just for signing up as a new customer, you'll get 5 points to kickstart your rewards journey.

Turning Points into Sweet Rewards:

With all those points piling up, what can you expect? Squee Prints is all about surprising and delighting their loyal squee-zers. Redeem your points for:

    • Exclusive Discounts: Unlock special offers and coupon codes, taking your savings to the next level.
    • Unlock Free Products: Exchange points for free product!
    • Free Gift Cards: Redeem points for gift cards and elevate your savings further!

Join the Squee Fam Today!

Ready to unleash your inner squee-zer and reap the rewards? Head over to Squee Prints and sign up for their free loyalty program today! It's the perfect way to show your love for their unique creations while enjoying exclusive benefits and exciting surprises. So, what are you waiting for? Start squee-zing and get rewarded!


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