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Bone Rat Fiend | Articulated

Bone Rat Fiend | Articulated

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Meet our Bone Rat Fiend, a truly unique 3D printed figurine designed to intrigue and captivate. This articulated creature boasts rat-like features, sphynx-like ears, and an eerie exposed skull face. Custom-printed in the color of your choice, this macabre masterpiece is a standout addition to any collection. Whether you're a fan of the unusual or seeking an attention-grabbing piece, the Bone Rat Fiend is a conversation starter that blends the creepy and captivating effortlessly. 

Please handle the rat tails with care; they are delicate.

Approximately 8 inches tall. Tail is approximately 8 inches long. 

*Rainbow - These filaments are random colors in a single spool and may or may not change color depending on the size of the item being printed. We are not able to guarantee specific colors or color shifts in the final printed piece.

*Mystery* We will choose a color for you that we may not have listed to choose from. ;)

• We strongly recommend that parents closely supervise their children when handling our products. Please note that all our 3D printed objects are not suitable for young children, as they may include small parts or break into small pieces, presenting a choking hazard.

•This is a 3d printed item. It may have slight imperfections, visible lines, and other minor flaws that are inherent to the 3d printing process. It is possible that some support material may be left behind, bumps and/or lines may be visible after finishing. We do our best to ensure the highest quality of each print before it is sent out. Please note: all pieces come unsanded, unprimed, & unpainted.

Model by: @doll_maker_official

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Customer Reviews

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Stunning work!

What's not to love about the Rat Bone Fiend?! It's look, size, and articulation are just stupendous! I'm so blown away by every bit of this 3D printout. The quality, the design, the colors - I could point out every little aspect that makes this figure so badass but I'm already in TL;DR. Thanks so much, SqueePrints!